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A Fake Review for a plant caddie pulley system that Riverstone Industries sells is on the internet. How do I know the review is fake? Because my name is being used to promote the item and I never wrote this review. Here it is:

Outstanding Product

Ames Tiedeman from Dripping Springs, TX

This is an amazing product. It works better than it states it does. Just amazing. I plan on ordering more for my mother in California.

I have called Riverstone Industries to inquire about this. I am hoping to speak with David Schnurman. I have yet to be able to reach him. I hope their real customers have better luck reaching them. I call and get an answering machine each time.

Review about: Fake Review.



Crackpot. :cry

to Anonymous Dripping Springs, Texas, United States #732588

Hahhaha!I can only laugh.

You leave fake reviews on various websites using your competitors name and you think you will not be found out?

This is as bad as Obama calling Obamacare a good deal for consumers!Now that is funny!

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